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Preparing your home for a crawling baby is stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the home safety products that are on the market today, including the effectiveness of childproof outlets. That said, not everything on the market is made as ethically as you might hope. The truth is, there are some child proof outlets that just aren’t as safe as they portray themselves to be. Luckily, your friends here at Alliance Expert Services are ready to answer some of these important questions so you can baby proof your Oklahoma City home in confidence.

Even if you don’t need them to be childproof, upgrading outlets is the best way to protect important electronics and appliances.

The Different Types of Child Proof Outlets

There are essentially three types of childproofing outlets on the market. They include:

  • Outlet Plugs: A cap insert that plugs into each outlet.
  • Sliding Outlet covers: Automatically cover the outlet and are harder to remove.
  • Box Outlet Covers: Covers the outlet even if it has something plugged in.

Traditionally, the outlet plugs were widely used in homes. No one ever gave them a second thought, they just bought them, plugged them into the wall, and tried to keep the baby away at all costs. In reality, though, this type of childproof outlet isn’t as effective as originally thought. They can easily be removed by the baby and turned into a choking hazard, not to mention once it’s removed, the baby can stick their fingers in the outlet before you even know what happened.

How Safe Are Child Proof Outlets Anyway?

As mentioned above, the outlet plug is a far outdated version of the childproof outlet that is now deemed one of the least safe options for you and baby. Many times when people used these in the past, they either forgot to plug them back in after using the outlet, or the insert broke off into the outlet causing a safety hazard.

In today’s world, the sliding outlet covers are safe because when you are done using the outlet, the cover automatically slides to cover the outlet once again. It is also harder to remove, which means your baby’s risk of removing it decreases significantly. However, it still isn’t considered the safest option.

The box outlet cover is by far the safest option because your baby cannot remove it from the wall. Not only that, but it protects your child from the outlet whether or not you have something plugged into it. The other childproof outlets only work if there isn’t something plugged in. The box outlet cover allows you to plug something into the wall without worrying about your child crawling to it and pulling it out of the wall.

Faulty electrical wiring can also pose a safety risk for your family. Be sure to ask how our wiring repair and replacement can help safeguard your home.

How Can We Help?

Now that you know the basics of childproof outlet safety, and which types are the safest, you can hopefully childproof your home with ease. That said, if you ever have any questions that arise, do not hesitate to give us a call at Alliance Expert Services. We are here to ensure your life is as safe and smooth as possible, and that includes answering any questions you might have.

At the end of the day, knowledge is power and for the sake of your baby, it means everything.

If you need an electrician or HVAC services in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro, our team at Alliance Expert Services can help. Call us today at 405-236-2222 to schedule professional services!

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