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Have you ever considered the quality of your indoor air? Indoor environments often contain up to ten times more pollutants and irritants than the outside air. Poor air quality irritates allergy and asthma sufferers can cause headaches and eye irritation and contribute to the growth of bacteria and dust in the home. At Alliance Expert Services, we are Oklahoma City’s top HVAC and indoor air quality, contractor. Whether it’s filter replacement or addition filtration systems, you can count on our experts for help.

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Always remember, filter replacement is the first line of defense for better air quality. If you need help, ask our technicians for guidance and advice.

The Impact of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most people spend much of their time inside. Between home and work, it may seem like you never get outside these days. Indoor air quality is essential to creating a healthy environment to spend all that time in. Poor indoor air quality does more than just cause a musty smell.

  • Increases Dust and Debris: Poor air circulation and indoor air quality can cause excessive dust and dirt buildup in the home.
  • Promotes Mold and Mildew Growth: Mold and mildew thrive in poorly ventilated spaces. Poor air circulation creates a vicious cycle of mold and mildew growth and circulating of their spores into your home’s air supply.
  • Worsens Allergies: If you have pets or live in an area prone to pollen and other allergens, poor indoor air quality can lead to an exacerbation of your allergies. Itchy eyes and irritated sinuses are just another sign of poor indoor air quality.
  • Irritates the Lungs: Poor indoor air quality is one of the greatest irritants for sufferers of asthma, COPD, and other lung-related illnesses. Excessive dirt and debris in the air can irritate these conditions and may worsen respiratory symptoms of colds as well.

The risks of poor indoor air quality aren’t worth putting up with. A trustworthy indoor air quality company like Alliance Expert Services can help you identify the source of your home’s poor air quality and give you an array of options to improve it. Call Alliance Expert Services today to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified HVAC technicians about our indoor air quality services.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improving your Oklahoma City home’s indoor air quality may seem like a daunting challenge. The good news is, there’s plenty of options to fit most budgets and needs.

  • Circulate the Air: It may seem like common sense, but keeping the air circulating in your home prevents stagnation. Keeping the furnace fan on even in the summer will keep air circulating (without heating your home,) and using your home’s air conditioning system and fans will help as well.
  • Replace Your AC Filters: Perhaps the simplest way to improve your home’s air quality in the summer is to replace the filters of your air conditioner. Your home’s AC circulates cool air through your home, providing relief from the heat, but a dirty AC filter will circulate dirty cold air. Invest in a good-quality filter to replace annually.
  • Balance Humidity: Humidity plays a role in air quality. Muggy air is hard on the lungs and dry air can irritate the sinuses and respiratory tract as well. Investing in a humidifier for drier seasons and a dehumidifier for humid days will help keep your home’s indoor air quality purer and easier on the lungs.
  • Invest in an Air Purifier or Air Sanitizer: One of the best tools used to improve indoor air quality, Air Purifiers, and UV Air Sanitizers are excellent investments for your home. Air Purifiers filter out irritants and debris from the air, reducing dust, mold spores, and allergens in the air.

A local expert air quality contractor can help you pinpoint the best options to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Call Alliance Expert Services, Oklahoma City’s top indoor air quality company, to schedule an appointment today!

Need help with the humidity in your home? Be sure to ask about our dehumidifier and humidifier installation services, and find the perfect balance.

Routine Care Maintains Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Neglect is a major factor in poor indoor air quality. Annual care of your home’s indoor air system is essential for a healthy air system. Alliance Expert Services offers routine maintenance options, inspections, and repairs to keep your home’s air quality in top shape.

  • When to Test Air Quality: Having a certified HVAC technician like Alliance Expert Services run an annual air quality test helps address any air quality issues before they grow into big problems. Any structural changes to a home, additions of rooms, or extreme construction in the home warrants another test.
  • When to Service Filtration Systems: A reliable air quality company will recommend regular servicing of your home’s furnace, air conditioning, and ductwork. An annual inspection allows expert technicians like those at Alliance Expert Services to assess any problems in your HVAC system and address them quickly to prevent air quality issues.

Alliance Expert Services is dedicated to serving the Oklahoma City area. With over thirty years of experience, our team has the expertise and skill to handle any HVAC problems.

If you need an electrician or HVAC services in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro, our team at Alliance Expert Services can help. Call us today at 405-236-2222 to schedule professional services!

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