Sometimes, there isn’t enough moisture in your indoor air and it causes you to feel physical side effects. The winters in Oklahoma City can get pretty dry at times, which leads to things like bloody noses, asthma attacks, and irritated skin and hair. When you invest in a humidifier, you invest in better air quality. Humidifiers are great for those dry winter months, and can also be used year-round for those with chronic nosebleeds. The professionals at Alliance Expert Services can install, repair, and maintain your humidifier to ensure it works efficiently all year round.

Is the air too humid? We can help with that too! Our dehumidifier installations help give you more control over the air quality in your home.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

Essentially, humidifiers work by adding moisture back into the air in a given room in your home. There are a few different types of humidifiers and they all have slightly different functionality. The evaporative humidifier, for instance, has a cold water reservoir. The cold water is then dispensed into a basin where a filter absorbs the water. Once this happens, the fan inside the humidifier blows the air through the moistened filter. Naturally, this adds humidity to the air.

Different humidifiers include:

  • Central Humidifiers
  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers
  • Impeller Humidifiers
  • Steam Vaporizers

Regardless of what humidifier you invest in, give us a call if you need help maintaining it or are just looking for some advice on caring for it. That said, it is always best to have a professional like ours at Alliance Expert Services, work on your humidifier rather than trying to save money and do it yourself.

Common Issues With Humidifiers

One of the most important things to remember when you purchase a humidifier is to keep it clean at all times. It is arguably the most talked-about issue with humidifiers, but when you don’t keep your humidifier clean, you run the risk of experiencing real issues with it.

Namely, a dirty humidifier blows that bacteria out into the air within your home. All these bacteria lead to illnesses and other health issues. That said, if you control the humidity levels in your home, it should save you from having unwanted bacteria growth in your home. It is recommended to keep the humidity in your home between 30% and 50%.

Another great way to keep your home safe is with air cleaners and purifiers. Be sure to ask our technicians more about your options.

Call Us When It’s Time for Maintenance

When it’s time to have your humidifier maintenance done, don’t hesitate to call us at Alliance Expert Services. We have the experience you are looking for so you can trust that we know what we are doing. Humidifier maintenance is something we see all the time, so we can effectively know when it is time to replace something.

We will give you the heads-up you are looking for so you can potentially save a little money in the end as well. Don’t let your Oklahoma City humidifier surprise you, call us today and we will inform you of the current condition of your unit along with what you need to do to keep it working efficiently longer.

If you need an electrician or HVAC services in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro, our team at Alliance Expert Services can help. Call us today at 405-236-2222 to schedule professional services!

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