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Is your heater ready for winter? Most homeowners assume their heater will kick on when they need it, but sometimes it won’t. There’s a reason a common homeowner fears losing heat during a snowstorm or on a freezing day – it happens a lot. Don’t let winter arrive and find out your Oklahoma City home is without a working heater. At Alliance Expert Services, we have the expertise to help you find a heater replacement in a timely fashion and get it installed quickly to restore your comfort.

Need help troubleshooting your heating problems? With heater repairs backed by 30 years of experience, you can enjoy peace of mind with every service.

Warning Signs Your Heater Needs Replacement

Most heaters in a modern home last at least a decade. That number decreases with irregular maintenance and postponed repairs. Your heater will tell you when its time to replace it with these warning signs:

  • Age: The first and easiest sign to spot for a failing heater is the age of the unit. Ten years is a good time to start considering a replacement of your heater, especially if you haven’t been too good about regular maintenance. Proper maintenance can add a few more years of life to the unit, but eventually, it will need to be replaced.
  • Frequent Repairs: If your heater has become synonymous with repair bills, it’s time to think about replacing it. As repairs pile on, the cost of maintaining the unit will rise, efficiency will suffer, and the unit will eventually fail.
  • Heating Irregularities: Cold spots and constant cycling of the heater unit is a sure sign of a failing system. If you are constantly reaching to adjust the thermostat to warm colder parts of the home, contact a heater installation expert to investigate the trouble.
  • Higher Energy Bills: When heaters are deteriorating, your energy bills will spike. Units that are about to fail aren’t able to handle the load of warming an entire home. They will cycle more often and become overworked, resulting in higher energy bills and increased risk for abrupt failure of the unit.

Benefits of Heater Replacement and Upgrades

While a heater replacement in Oklahoma City is an unexpected emergency for most, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. For a long-lasting solution to your home’s heater problems, consider installing a new heater.

  • Provides Reliability and Peace of Mind: New heaters seldom need for repairs. A new unit will provide reliable heating for years without needing replacement parts. You won’t need to worry about the surprise failure of your new system during a winter storm.
  • Increases Efficiency: You can expect better energy efficiency and heating capacity with a new heater. Upgraded systems tend to come with better energy ratings and can handle higher capacity and workloads to maintain the comfort level of your home.
  • Better Air Quality: With new heater installation you can reap the benefits of cleaner air in your home. New heaters circulate air better and can often be upgraded with air filtration systems to further purify the air of your home.
  • Saves You Money: A new heater’s efficiency and longevity will save you money on your energy bills and repairs.

Looking for heating alternatives? We can help with that too. Be sure to ask about our geothermal heating systems today!

We Make Heater Installation Easy & Cost-Effective

Alliance Expert Services can make heater installation and heater replacement a breeze! Our certified technicians are fast, friendly, and focused on customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of local expertise, we understand the heating concerns of homeowners throughout Oklahoma City. You can count on our staff to find you the best heater replacement option, and get it installed for your peace of mind.

If you need an electrician or HVAC services in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro, our team at Alliance Expert Services can help. Call us today at 405-236-2222 to schedule professional services!

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