It’s Never Too Early (or Late) for AC Maintenance

How To Get a Headstart on Spring Maintenance!

Spring maintenance is essential for keeping a well-functioning AC system. The AC system has been dormant during the winter months, and it’s about to be used non-stop when the weather heats up. 

Skipping spring maintenance once may not be the biggest deal initially, but when the system goes without maintenance, it’s likely to cause damage that won’t be easy or cheap to fix. Luckily there are several reasons to schedule routine spring AC maintenance now, although it’s not quite spring yet.

Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time for AC Maintenance

Time tends to fly by before homeowners know it. Spring sneaks up on them, and summer follows closely behind it. Before anyone knows it, the AC has been running for months without maintenance. Therefore, the best time for maintenance is before spring, when the homeowners are still thinking about it. 


Tuning up the AC before intensive use can hold off expensive repairs. Even though the AC hasn’t been used all winter, it doesn’t mean that it is still in proper working order. So getting the AC checked before it starts getting used is the best way to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Things That Homeowners Should Check

It can be tempting for homeowners to try and check the AC system themselves. However, properly checking the system requires special knowledge and equipment to do it properly. Here are some of the things that professional HVAC techs check during routine maintenance. 

The system needs cleaning because a clean system limits the potential for damage and wear. This includes cleaning the fan blades, coils, and drain line. Terminals, belts, and electrical connections need to be checked and tightened. Any moving parts need to be inspected and lubricated to prevent undue wear and tear. 

Refrigerant levels need to be checked and filters replaced. The airflow needs to be tested and the thermostat calibrated. These things, and many others, are done during regular maintenance to ensure every component of the system works well with every other one. 

The Importance of Annual AC Maintenance


Aside from preventing damage and costly repairs, there are many reasons for scheduling early spring maintenance. Regular maintenance can also help make the system run smoothly, which can also reduce the home’s energy bills. It can also do much for indoor air quality when the filters are cleaned and the unit itself is maintained. 

The better the maintenance plan, the more peace of mind homeowners enjoy. And the less time and money they have to spend dealing with breakdowns and damage. It’s also a great way for homeowners to protect their home’s investment.  

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