Using Light To Create the Perfect Outdoor Party Atmosphere

Prepare for the Loveliest of Summer Evenings With Proper Light

Summer gatherings are just around the corner. People will be able to leave their homes and join others outside, which in this day and age is a really big deal. People have been waiting for this moment, and it is imperative to use the proper lighting so people can see and enjoy the time. 

Whether functional or atmospheric, light is an essential part of any gathering, be it a party or business meeting. Don’t forget to light up the outdoors this summer so friends can enjoy the time together for just a little longer. 


Flooding the Yard With Light

It’s hard to play lawn darts when one can’t see the lawn. Hard to monitor the neighbor’s kids on the trampoline if there is no light on it. Floodlights are mainly functional lights that “flood” an area with a good amount of light. These are perfect for keeping the outdoor games going into the nighttime hours and can be equipped with motion sensors to save energy. Floodlights are the ultimate utility for outdoor after-dark lighting. 

Light up That Hard-Earned Landscaping

Having a yard can sometimes be challenging. To keep it looking manicured and well cared for takes real effort on the part of a homeowner. This is a great reason for landscape lighting. Several varieties can show off the stepping path or the lovely flower garden. Three options are available in most places: Low voltage, solar-powered, and LEDs.

  • Low Voltage: These lights provide a soft glow and will be hooked directly into the home electricity. They are perfect for spaces that get shade during the day, and the low voltage means less risk of shock. 
  • Solar Powered: These lights are environmentally friendly and very easy to install. They usually stick directly into the ground and only need the energy of the sun to work. This means they must be in a place that gets significant light during the day. 
  • LEDs: Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are the latest in high efficiency, low voltage lighting. They are bright but use very little power and are great for floodlighting or for more precise display. They often come in long strips that one can use to frame a deck or a door. 


Get That Perfect Glow With String Lights

The last lighting option provides both excellent atmosphere and functional light. One can use string lights in myriad ways to provide a romantic outdoor retreat. They also come in many different forms, colors, and energy sources.

  • Mini lights: These are the lights that one would normally see on a Christmas tree, but they make a smashing accessory to a summer back deck.
  • Cafe Lights: These are the beautiful lights that tend to be strung above the spacious outdoor seating of a local bistro. They look classic but now come in their own LED form, making them much more energy efficient.
  • LEDs: These tiny, almost invisible strings of diodes create a fairy tale atmosphere and can be used indoors and outdoors to great effect.

All of these string lights can be bought with a power source to fit an individual homeowner’s needs and can be chosen in a traditional plugin, battery-powered, or solar-powered options. Happy summer!

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